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The Hats Podcast

Jun 14, 2023

Welcome to the Focus on the Family Series! In the next few episodes, we will explore the ins and outs of family life - how they start, how they grow, what shape they take, etc. The notion of the nuclear family is so yesterday! Listen to each episode and see which elements of family resonate with you, which could not be more different, and which spark some intrigue! This week: co-parenting.

Court dates, custody agreements, splitting holidays and birthdays, child support. Parenting a child with a parent with whom you are not in a relatioship can be rife with highly emotional and stressful situations. The Hats Podcast guest Rashaan Washington has been through it all ... twice. But, he has fought relentlessly for the best for his boys every step of the way. In this episode he shares the trials and triumphs he has experienced with grace and humor that will have you rooting for him and any parent who finds himself (or herself) in a similar situation. In this episode co-hosts Melissa and Kerri discuss with him:

  • What things were most important to you in coming up with your custody arrangements?
  • Single dads often get a bad rap for involvement on your children’s lives. Why is it important for you to stay actively involved in your kids’ lives?
  • What tips can you offer parents who are transitioning from parenting in the same household to parenting in different households?

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