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The Hats Podcast

Jul 12, 2023

Welcome to the Focus on the Family Series! In the next few episodes, we will explore the ins and outs of family life - how they start, how they grow, what shape they take, etc. The notion of the nuclear family is so yesterday! Listen to each episode and see which elements of family resonate with you, which could not be more different, and which spark some intrigue! This week: the only child.

Conventional wisdom says that parents must have at least two children in order for a child to get all of the emotional, social and developmental stimulation she needs. Not so, says our guest, pediatrician Keila Trimble-Cox, MD. She and her husband decided to have just one child, and she and their entire family are thriving in every way. Listen to her family story and get some understanding about the dynamics of families with one child, and tips on how to decide if this is the right-sized family for you.

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