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The Hats Podcast

Sep 16, 2020

In the middle of a pandemic where everything is virtual, why on earth are we talking about fashion? Two very good reasons. First, fashion always matters. Whether your fashion has evolved into a pajamas-sweats-pajamas-repeat rotation, or you wear a dress and heels for your webcasts, you are still a part of the fashion universe. Second, we are THRILLED and PRIVILEGED to welcome as our first podcast guest renowned fashion designer (yep, he's dressed Jay Z and has been listed on must know designer lists in GQ, to name a couple of accolades) Waraire Boswell. Listen in as Kerri and Melissa get him to open up about the art, business and politics of being a fashion designer. You will NOT want to miss this!


Facebook, Instagram & Twitter: @waraireboswell

Fashion during the pandemic

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